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Anyone passionate about B&W.
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Steal my last breath,
rip the floor from beneath me.
Tell me to walk when I'm hanging from the ceiling.
My eyes, no they don't deceive me,
my heart has never beat this hard before
and it's for the wrong reasons.

I'm in full blown panic mode,
ready to let loose, ready to explode.
Ready to seek, ready to destroy,
and yet you call me completely paranoid.

I feel it in my bones, every time I move,
every time that I come running back to you.
It's like I can't breathe, it's like I can't see,
it's like all my memories, really got a hold of me.

When I love, I crave a love so deep,
just like the ocean, just like the waves crashing.
Maybe you got swept underneath.
I never heard you screaming out before,
shame on me.
I'm sorry that I let down.
I'm sorry that I let you drown.

I'm sorry that I can't be around, anymore.

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Just a black sheep walking under a dark cloud,

Heard the voices, what must they be talking about now?

It's not the weather, and it's not happiness.

Point the blame, on another, it's how we progress.

Just the black sheep, why would I want to fit in?

Everyone is just laughing, pointing out their sins.

Why is it so hard to just let each other in?

World War III at the dinner table, the kids are watching.

We wonder why the world is so unfit and cruel,

We separate our skin colour like clothes from the wash,

and wonder why humanity is lost.

We speak about love but place love on limits and boundaries,

Here we are still fighting against inequality.

We don't let you forget that there's one god on earth,

Did you ever consider that your eyes were truly open at birth?

That women are still fighting for equal rights,

To be able to drive a car without the fear of losing their lives?

Did you stop and stare at that pregnant woman in disgust?

Why shame her for letting her baby have lunch?

Why should she hide because it offends you?

Breasts are not just something you masterbate to.

Men aren't just here so they can be forced,

To get tricked into raising a child so the woman can settle the score.

Most love these days end in divorce,

Causing the child to be locked in as a victim of emotional war.

Guys say they are tricked by how women wear their foundation,

Women are tricked into feeling they need some sort of validation.

Knowing the face they wear is just to conceal,

Any flaws that don't fit the ideal.

So they cement themselves with this idea, that beauty resonates with fear.

One woman doesn't want to be caught dead, looking so plain,

But yet all the women don't mind being caught looking fierce and vain.

Here's something we all must do, question everything, is it a lie, or is it the truth?

Question your religion, your friends, and family, because it's the key to serenity.

You will either make friends or true enemies, but it will always be the black sheep

that they'll say committed a felony.
You wanted me to be so much like you,

It's really hard to fit into someone else's shoes.

You asked me to be myself, but how can I be when you are holding on to someone else?

Before me there was always her, but I can't compete with a ghost of such caliber.

You want me to believe there's no one else, but I can see your heart is on a shelf.

Did you fancy me, because I reminded you of her?

Is there something that's just so similar?

Don't you dare paint me with the same brush,  I loved you, isn't that enough?

You left me with such a sour taste,

I know you're still in love with her beautiful face.

I'm sure your fingertips can still trace,

the lines of her body, like a map you just can't erase.

Just go, I can't take it anymore.

I thought I felt something, but it was just for show.

Just leave, I can't take it anymore.

Why waste my time, when she can waste yours?
Still In Love
For anyone who's ever felt the sting of someone else saying they were over their precious lover.   Only to find out, it's far from true.  Because they're still in love.... 
Desire by xroxyfoxyx
-" I'm not an open book for everybody to read. There are still missing pages and dust that collects.  Just know, I am somebody who hopes we all make it." 
You always knew how to say hello,

I always knew how to say goodbye.

Are you happy to see me?

Is it the fear deep within my soul, 

That scares you the most?

Have we forgotten, have we become so cold?

All the wells have run dry,

The stars above will always shine,

At least we can say that we tried.

But that doesn't make you mine.

All the kisses that you stole,

The memories will swallow me whole.

I will drown until I float,

But for now, I'll be the one that misses you the most. 

Forever just a distant flame,

That blows up when I hear your name. 

The cross I bare I'll bury with shame, 

I say I've lost more than I will ever gain.
I will drown until I float. 
Though I have not been active on this site, I've been much more focused in my life than I ever have been.
I'm pretty upbeat and optimistic, and because of this attitude it has helped grant some of my desires and dreams.
If you find something you love doing, you'll never work a day in your life.  The truest quote, and one I can definitely back up.

One of my dreams was working at a portrait studio.  That I can now cross off my bucket list. 

I quit my retail job in a heartbeat to land the studio job.  It was a risky move considering yes money is VERY important, and the hours I was getting there truly paid off.  I wasn't happy there.   The portrait studio paid me in experience and in confidence more than anything. I got to bring my ideas to life, meet some wonderful individuals, and actually work with people.  Not just, I'm here behind this counter, and that's my life.  It was freeing to do something I am passionate about! It has also reinstated how badly I do want to make this a career.   I made a lot of mistakes, but I learned a lot.   The teacher/manager I had truly could see potential in me.  She was such a sweet and soft spoken individual, and it's unfortunate that my time there was very brief.  She had told me something that really changed my life.  It might of not been the most poetic of words strung together, but she had such a confidence in me that I didn't even realize myself I possessed. Her words were, "I've been doing this for many years.  I've hired and have guided many individuals.  I have not seen such passion like this before."  I thought okay this lady is just being kind because I'm new.   But she really meant it, and reminded me of that everyday.  She kept me in the camera room, and the other girls assisted.  You hear it from family members and friends, and sometimes it's just bias.    

Plus I just bought a 55-200 mm Nikkor lens, which is probably one of my prized possession besides purchasing my camera. 

To the ones who asked me why I like photography: There's something great and beautiful  about capturing a moment in time.  It's like freezing the world;  a tangible memory that you or anyone else can look back on.  That's why we cherish photos.  There are people who disappear from our lives, and yet remain in your memory, heart, and in the photo.  It brings you back to that defining moment.  Like college, or a wedding, your children, something eventful and meaningful at the time. 

Though some of you on this site may be more experienced in ways, one thing is you never stop learning.  You will make mistakes, and the more risks you take the more fulfilled in life you will actually be.  Less is more.    

If I have advice for anyone, do not give up your dreams.  

There are many people you will meet who had wished they pursued their dreams.  Some will envy you,  some will try to deter you from it, and there will be some who help guide you.  You hear stories like,  I wish, I should of, I didn't, I could of,  and most of the time they gave it all up because of money.   It's not someone I want to be, or aspire to become. 

So if you've taken the time to read this, and you feel this relates to you... please trust me when I say, you will not be disappointed with yourself if your dream changes, or something doesn't work out.  At least you will never sit there and wonder, what could of been.  Don't spend all your time listening to others advice to do what you love.



Violet- Avery
Artist | Student | Photography
I don't consider myself an out right photographer but I can tell you this. I love teaching myself, and inspired by others and the world around me. I've always been creative. Writing is my first choice but there are many things I will continue to do.

I was told when I was little that I would never excel in anything because simple things like math wasn't as strong as the others. My creative side was so high, it was above the norm & the age group.

Through out the years of high school no English teacher believed my writing was true. It was copied. Stolen. As much as that hurt.. it was an interesting compliment to myself.

Nobody believed me. I learned to believe in me & so did the ones who cared me. If you can do that anything is possible. ANYTHING is possible.

I love art of any sort.

I'm easily inspired by people, the world, and everyone around me.

I always tried to be a perfectionist. I know that's not realistic. But the demand from myself to do better IS and ALWAYS will be there. We all have that :)

I adore musicians and music its self.
I'm a dreamer in many ways.

Camera of Choice: Nikon Coolpix L100 (deceased)

Nikon D90

Equipped with: Nikon Af-S DX 35 F 1.8

Favourite Photography: Portraits



Favourite Lit: Moonwalking with Einstein

Fight Club/ Invisible Monsters

The Book

Keeping The Moon

This Lullaby

Requiem For A Dream

Favourite Celebrities: Johnny Depp

Olivia Wilde

Scarlett Johnanson

Robert Downey Jr

TV shows: Revenge

Walking Dead

Dexter & Breaking Bad

Musicians: Our Lady Peace

No Doubt


Foo Fighters

Paul Mccartney




Marina & The Diamonds

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